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Merle Frenchie

A blue merle canine is most often identified as having white markings all over its body and a whitetail. They were black, but the merle gene has diluted their black pigment into a blue color due to frequent breeding.
The eyes of many blue merle Frenchie puppies will be very bright blue in colour. Sometimes they are blue all the way up to their ears.
merle frenchie
Blue merle Frenchie puppies are recognized by their distinct blue merle colour. They have variations of white and red markings on their body with the most predominant color being blue.
The most dominant genetic trait to look for when looking for blue merle Frenchie for sale is the whitetail. This is the most recognizable trait among this breed. Learn more about merle frenchie and other frenchie breeds colors

Merle Frenchie for Sale

French bulldogs have been in existence for centuries. Their popularity has soared in recent years. They are recognized around the world as being some of the best dogs around.
They have an athletic appearance as well as a friendly temperament. Many people who own French bulldogs are very devoted to caring for these great dogs.
Many people want to raise a merle french bulldog puppy. They are very responsive to positive reinforcement training methods. They respond favorably to treats and praises.
They are also highly intelligent dogs that are easy to train. Yet, they need a lot of exercise and stimulation to stay active.

Blue Merle Frenchie for Sale

The regular shedding of these Frenchies is due to their shedding of the natural merino fur. They do not shed more than other medium or large size dogs.
They come in many colors including black and tan, blue, chocolate, merlot, and all the colors of the rainbow.
There is some concern with blue french Bulldogs being vulnerable to hypothermia. This concern is not because of any health issues but because of their very dense coats. Hypothermia is a condition where the body cannot produce enough of the enzyme tyrosine.
This is the enzyme that converts the normal coat color of merle into blue. But, merle breeders insist that their blue Frenchies do not suffer from hypothermia.

  Frenchie Merle for Sale

The eyes pups in the merle blue merle Frenchie breed have a tendency to have darker hair than the other dogs in the litter. This darker colored hair is sometimes referred to as “merle residue”.
It does create a darker more brittle coat that may break more. Merle residue can also cause the eyes of the blue merle Frenchie to be discolored at times. The puppy’s eyes pop turn red during this time.
The standard lines of Frenchies are called Medium, Large, and Base Color. Frenchies with the merle gene are rare, and beautiful pets.
The standard lines of merle Frenchies do vary somewhat in structure, color, and general look. They are rare and well worth the investment.
Blue Frenchies can be recognized from the basic body shape, ears, eyes, tail, and hair color. But, all blue frenchies are not the same, nor are all blue frenchies the same size, build, or appearance. This makes it important to find a reputable breeder of the Frenchies breed.
Not all breeders are reliable, nor do all blue merle Frenchies share the same temperament. It is up to you to research your dog breed before choosing one to purchase.
Blue merle Frenchies are a very demanding breed, but they are also intelligent, energetic, and beautiful dogs. Common health issues include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, distemper, heartworms, and eye defects.
These health issues occur in the AKC breed standards for all blue merle dogs. Blue merles have an average lifespan of ten years.
The Blue Frenchie requires regular veterinarian visits. Be sure that your veterinarian is a certified breeder. A qualified veterinarian should be able to perform a complete m-locus test, as well as a c-locus test and microchip scan.
An experienced breeder will perform routine microchip scans on both the mother and father of the litter each year. He or she will also be able to conduct an animal health check each breeding season.
These are essential for ensuring that your Blue Frenchie parents are free of inherited diseases and disorders.
Grooming is an important part of owning any dog. But, when it comes to merle frenchies, it’s especially important. Frenchies shed more than other types of terriers.
Because this breed loves to romp, it’s important to spend adequate time brushing your pet. Once a year, or as often as needed, brush your beloved dog using a firm, stiff bristle brush. Contact us