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Lilac and Tan Frenchie Puppy [Male]


Lilac Frenchie Puppies for Sale

I breed for color, We produced the best lilac from both chocolate parents. I have Lilac-Chocolate-Blue-Chocolate & tan & standard. I am working on my first lilac & tan and a solid lilac Frenchie puppies for sale

Most of my puppies are sold into pet homes on a spayed/neuter contract, NO papers will be given. Because some owners later decide to breed their dogs even sold as pets. If papers were given even limited they take them to a lower kennel club and register them there. Visit our home page

lilac frenchie puppies for sale

Puppies sold for breeding will come with AKC papers. All puppies come with a One Year Health Guarantee. Learn everything you need to know about the french bulldog breed.

Lilac Frenchie Puppy