Blue Fawn Frenchie Puppy [Female]




What exactly is a Blue Fawn Frenchie?

Blue fawn is one of the most popular coat color that is found within the French Bulldog breed.
In all other aspects, aside from colour, they look like an ordinary French Bulldog.
They measure at about a foot tall and can weigh up to 28 pounds. See available french bulldog fawn puppies.
blue fawn frenchie
They sport large, bat-like ears and an unflattened, wrinkled, and flat face. Their bodies are heavy-set and have stubby, short tails.
AKC’s standard of breed for the Frenchie defines three colors that can be used as acceptable for coats:
  • White
  • Cream
  • Fawn, which ranges from extremely soft, light brown to a deep red, foxy.
Each of these colors could be accompanied by the following patterns or markings placed over the top of the color:
  • Brindle
  • Piebald
  • Black mask
  • Black shades
  • White marks
A blue female Frenchie is a fawn coat and blue mask.
The mask of a dog is not the fur that covers their face, which includes their muzzle and around their eyes and also over their foreheads and ear.
“Blue” doesn’t necessarily mean blue, but it’s a subtle grey. Read more about french bulldogs.
It’s a slight difference from the acceptable mask of black yet it is one that matters an awful lot in the eyes of French Bulldog purists.
The color dilution can extend to blue the fawn Frenchies eyes, too, and they can be blue, light brown or green. It is also a cause that could result in exclusion in the breeding standard.
Let’s find out why the breed standard stands so completely against color dilution.
Blue Fawn French Bulldog Genetics.

Fawn Frenchie Puppy-Blue Fawn Frenchie

Blue Fawn Frenchies wear a blue face due to the fact that they have two versions of a recessive gene known as the diluting gene.
“Recessive” refers to these effects are manifested when a puppy is born having two copies. One was passed through their mother and the other handed through their father.
The result of the dilution gene to lower the amount of black pigmentation in hairs that are black-pigmented.
They appear gray instead.
French Bulldogs that have color dilution have been excluded from meeting the breed standard due to the fact that the gene for dilution could have unintended health implications for Frenchies who carry it.
Let’s get to know more.