white and brindle pied french bulldog

The white and brindle pied french bulldog is thought to have first been bred in England in the 1970s. They are thought to be a mix between the English and British bulldogs and the pug. Contact Us
Breeding them was a hit in Europe and soon American Kennel Club recognized the white and brindle pied as a registered color.
white and brindle pied french bulldog
In the United States, however, breeding the white and brindle pied became difficult because they have strong white markings that look like a white cross with a darker brindle that stands upright on top of its head.
Today, these dogs are still popular in many circles as a symbol of prestige and wealth. They can have white markings all over their body, but the white spots at the eyes remain.
They tend to be taller than the English or British bulldogs and have a stocky build.
The white and brindle pied is a very distinctive dog that presents two distinct color mutations – white on the face and brindle on the chest, sides and back.
Though considered by many to be an inferior option to the bulldog, the white Pied has become one of the most popular bulldog breeds.
It is said that these dogs were crossed with the Standard Schnauzer, which led to the crossing of the two resulting in a breed that looked like the English or British bulldog but was a white version.
Today, the white Pied remains a true white dog with a white background. Pieds are also referred to as White French Bulldogs. Read more about the french bulldog breed.

Chocolate Brindle French Bulldog for Sale

The Chocolate Brindle French Bulldog for Sale is a rare combination of the French bulldog and a chocolate-colored Shih Tzu. 
Although it may seem like an odd combination however the reality is that it’s possible to find a dog of this kind If you are aware of where to look and what to do with your search. 
Although there are breeders out that claim to have dogs available, the likelihood that they’re trying to make a profit. Selling a chocolate-colored dog which isn’t at all half the price of Purebred French bulldog. 
Due to the fact that chocolate brindle French Bulldogs are known for their silky, wrinkled coats which is why they sell extremely expensive. 
Because they’re very sought-after with dog owners who are looking for pets that can be able to withstand their every need. 
If you’re willing into a little effort it is possible to find an excellent breeder that has chocolate-colored French bulldog.
If you are looking for the perfect chocolate-brindle French bulldog available for sale the most effective place to begin your search is through the internet. 
Breeders on the internet tend to have higher high-quality dogs which means they are more likely find unqualified breeders looking to profit from the people who are looking to take advantage of. 
It is recommended to conduct some investigation before you visit the different websites of possible French breeders of bulldogs. Discover all you possibly can on the breed you’re considering buying as well as about the purchasing process itself. 
This will not only assist you determine if you’re willing to purchase from the breeder you’ve chosen. Also , if you’re comfortable with to let him sell the dog on your behalf. 
Be aware that although some level of trust is needed when buying on the internet, you should be open to letting the seller manage the dog. The breeder is an established breeder who loves the breed.
If you’ve discovered the Chocolate brindle French bulldog available for sale you are interested in. It is important to meet with the owner prior to making the final decision to purchase. 
While you need to have a degree of trust with the owner, you want to be sure they’ll provide you with the dog you want. 
A good breeder will make his mission to visit your home to ensure that the dog is the perfect addition to your family. You will be able to supply the dog with everything it requires.

Blue Brindle French Bulldog (White and Brindle Pied French Bulldog)

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