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Welcome to Frenchies Store. All french bulldogs on this site are AKC registered. Here are a few factors we sum up when coming up with prices for our french bulldog puppies.

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Ultimate Guide to Caring for my Merle French Bulldog

Welcome to Frenchies Store. One of our favourite breeds is the french bulldog merle breed. The merle French bulldog is one of the rarest and most expensive dog breeds out there. We all love this adorable dog breed. OF COURSE!!

The merle color is generally a mix of other colors, by manipulating ancestral lines, genetics, and hereditary traits. Not to get too technical, hair color of a dog is generated by melanocytes.
A breed with a high number of melanocytes has a high concentration of melanin, thus the color black. Other colors such as liver, chocolate, blue, black, brown, or blue are as a result of high melanin content.
On the other hand, a pup with little melanin develops a yellowish, reddish-brown, reddish, among other variations. However, all dog’s breeds have these color-causing melanocytes and not French Bulldogs only.
In case a color combination is unusual in a Frenchie, then it directly impacts on their health prosperity.

Breeding a Merle french bulldog

To begin, Merle is a French name referring to an assortment of patterns on dog’s coats. These can be in patches of odd colors, blue, piebald, or any other mottled patches. Dog breeds with this type of coat are great Danes, dachshund, border collie among others.
A Merle pattern results from the dilution or rather lightening of base coat colors. Be informed that only dark patches of the normal melanin traces remain. Thus the characteristic Merle French Bulldogs.
Usually, this creation results in a number of sights, hearing and characteristic blue eyes defects. The truth is, no French Bulldog has the merle gene. This is what I meant by merles are not pure breeds.
Generally, it is Chihuahuas that carry the merle gene. Cross breeding the two, results in a Merle French Bulldog puppy. Some of the time, breeders go as far as crossing the puppies too, to create a breed which they claim to be pure breed Merle French Bulldog.
Depending on the dominant gene being diluted, other versions of merles also exist. Blue, lilac, and black merle bulldogs are just a mention of these breeds. They all fall under the category of rare French Bulldogs. Let’s discuss in detail some of these rare breeds. See available merle french bulldog for sale here at frenchies store 
Where Can One Find a Merle French Bulldog for Sale?
French bulldogs are truly amazing. It’s no wonder many of you strive to at least own one. And when it’s an extraordinary breed, then stakes become much higher. Unfortunately, not many know where to find a merle French bulldog.
That’s because there aren’t many breeders out there, owing to the complications involved in breeding one. Also, following a spate of rogue breeders, most states now control the sale of these puppies, unless certain criteria are met.
Blue Merle French Bulldogs
First up, a blue Merle French Bulldog is what most dog parents call the blue-gene dog breed. In reality, this is just a diluted base color. You can call them black French dogs whose black hair has been diluted into a form of blue.
A practical example of how this variant of black results is in playing around with paint. If you have black paint, then you add a little bit of white paint, you get a dark charcoal coloration. By adding more white, the color turns in hue to slate grey.
It is the slate grey that I hear most of you refer to as blue. If you consider the color spectrum, hundreds of blue shades can be derived, starting from the black base. These French bulldogs self-color their pads, pads, eyeliner, and nose.
A careful examination of blue merle French bulldog puppies shows reveals an interesting phenomenon. The eyes maintain a bright blue appearance throughout their growth to adulthood. Plus, their eyes stay lighter than in standard French Bulldogs. Frenchie lovers can also have tints of amber, light green, or hazel-eyed beautiful Merle French Bulldogs.
French Bulldog Merle (Black)
Another common breed of merles is the black merle French bulldog. A rare black color occurs when the black gene is dominant, thus eventually pushing out other coat colors. Most of the time, bulldogs are black, tan, or fawn.
Of the three, the dominant gene becomes noticeable over the other two, giving the merle Frenchie its name. Eyes stay light colored much of their life, alongside an array of health complications.

Do french bulldogs change color as they grow? ( French bulldog Merle)

 We often realize our fur baby changes color as they grow older. This is normal with French bulldogs although they do not change their color much. Over several weeks, they develop a visible blue hue. Having a color test for your frenchie is important if you would have to breed in future. However, if you has no business breeding, it shouldn’t matter what color your frenchie is. Get your color test done right here

Merle vs Brindle French bulldog

Brindle is typically described as a dark French bulldog color mixed with lighter colored hair mixed between. This coat color is a dominant gene. On the other side, Merle has a hair color that is generated by melanocytes.
A breed with a high concentrate of melanin this the color black.Other colors such as liver, chocolate, black, brown, or blue are a result of high melanin content. Basically merle is an assortment of patches on the coat.Merle comes from the dilution or lightning of base colors. The merle is genetically modified.So it wasn’t bred in. But manipulated.

Brindle French Bulldog for sale

Here at Frenchies store, we have top quality AKC registered brindle French bulldog for sale at affordable prices. We have been a leading brindle French bulldog breeder since 2009 when we fell in love with the breed.